Installation and Configuration

Don't forget to backup your database and files before installing any new module.

The module will create a Belgium zone in your shop if there isn't one already.
The module will recognize existing zones with the name "Belgium", "Belgïe" or "Belgique".

You will need a bpost Shipping Manager account to use the module.

Install module and configure carriers

Configure the Shipping Manager

Make sure to configure the price zone for international delivery within the Shipping Manager or your international orders may fail!

How to update the module?

If you upgrade from 1.1 to another version, here are the two steps:

  • For PrestaShop 1.5+ versions, upload the new version in the module menu or just click on "upgrade". All settings and orders will be kept.
  • For PrestaShop 1.4 versions, uninstall then reinstall the module. All settings will be kept.
  • Make sure your template is recompiled. You can check that in Preferences > Performance.
    You should force compile for 1.4 and make sure you didn't chose "never recompile" on 1.5+

If you upgrade from version 1.0 to another version, please contact us and we'll provide a free support.