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Tracking and Analytics

You have an e-commerce or transactional site and monitoring your activity reliably is a major issue for you.

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Measuring your performance, not so simple

difficult implementation of analytical tracking
  • Google Analytics Setup and Transaction Tracking

  • Implementation of Google Tag Manager and the data layer

  • Management of cookies and compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Even with an optimal configuration of Google tools, we observe:

  • The data does not go back to Google Analytics or is incomplete

  • The tracking scripts and the cookie banner penalize the loading time

  • Consent management and tracking not compliant with legislation

Many websites suffer a triple penalty: the management of cookie consent is managed by a module which slows down the site, the use of Google Tag Manager is impossible or outside the rules, and the data reported is incomplete.

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Optimize your site and its conversion rates with a real tracking strategy

We have designed the optimal solution so that your data is:

  • Completeimplementation of a data layer provided for Google Tag Manager

  • Reliable as much as possible configuration of Google Analytics with advanced e-commerce

  • GDPR Compliant Analytics and cookie banner configuration

  • Consistent and easy to visualizeUTM tagging plan and Google Data Studio dashboard

  • Flexible and reusable if you had to add tracking linked to social networks for example

We set up your tracking from A to Z by controlling internally all the necessary aspects:

  • Analysis of your data and tracking scripts in place

  • Developments or brief from your agency to integrate the data layer necessary for the Tag Manager

  • Custom creation of a complete cookie bar within Google Tag Manager

  • Advanced configuration of various Google tools and user consent

  • Implementation of effective reporting for your e-marketing campaigns

Without quality Google Analytics monitoring, managing the development of a website is like piloting blindly. This is why we suggest that you implement an optimal solution, combining the advantages:

Comprehensive and Legally Compliant Tracking Analytics

Fine management of cookie consent, in the language of the user

Minimal impact on page load time

Optimize your tracking strategy

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