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Tracking & Analytics

You manage an e-commerce or transactional website and monitoring your activity with reliable data is a business-critical topic for you.

In the real-world, this topic is an obstacle course: Google Analytics configuration with transactions follow-up, Google Tag manager implementation with its data layer, cookies consent management and GDPR compliance,…

Even with an optimal configuration of Google tools, we often observe major issues:

the data are incomplete or missing

the tracking scripts and the cookie banner slow down the website

the cookie consent and tracking are not compliant with the legislation

We worked hard to provide you with an optimal solution to get data that are:

Complete (implementation of a rich data layer for Google Tag Manager)

As accurate as possible (Google Analytics configuration with e-commerce tracking)

Compliant with GDPR (Google Analytics configuration and cookie banner)

Consistent and simple to visualize (UTM tagging plan and Google Data Studio dashboard)

Flexible and reusable (if you had to add social networks tracking for example)

We can implement your tracking from A to Z by mastering all the relevant areas:

Analysis of your existing scripts and data

Development or brief for your agency in order to implement the Google Tag Manager data layer

Creation of a custom and complete cookie bar within the Tag Manager

Advanced configuration of the different Google tools and user consent

Setup of an efficient reporting of your e-marketing campaigns

Many websites suffer from a triple penalty: the cookie consent management is handled by a module that slows down the site, Google Tag Manager is not able to be fully used or by breaking the rules, and the data transmitted are not complete.

Without a reliable Google Analytics tracking, managing the growth of a website is like flying blind. This is the reason why we created an optimal solution, that adds up benefits:

Robust Google Analytics tracking, in compliance with the law

Granular cookie consent management, in the right user language

Minimal impact of page load performance

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