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Installation et configuration

Don't forget to backup your database and files before installing any new module. The module will create a Belgium zone in your shop if there isn't one already. The module will recognize existing zones with the name "Belgium", "Belgïe" or "Belgique". You will need a bpost Shipping Manager account to use the module.

Installer le module et configurer les transporteurs

Configurer le Shipping Manager

  • - Configure the Shipping Manager

  • - Make sure to configure the price zone for international delivery within the Shipping Manager or your international orders may fail!

Comment mettre à jour le module ?

If you upgrade from 1.1 to another version, here are the two steps:

  • - For PrestaShop 1.5+ versions, upload the new version in the module menu or just click on "upgrade". All settings and orders will be kept.
  • - For PrestaShop 1.4 versions, uninstall then reinstall the module. All settings will be kept.
  • - Make sure your template is recompiled. You can check that in Preferences > Performance.
  • - You should force compile for 1.4 and make sure you didn't chose "never recompile" on 1.5+
  • - If you upgrade from version 1.0 to another version, please contact us and we'll provide a free support.

Support officiel bpost

If you need more details about the integration between the module and the Shipping Manager, have a look at:

Module bpost


  • - Prestashop version 1.5
  • - Prestashop version 1.6
  • - Prestashop version 1.7
  • - PHP au moins version 5.3

Limites connues

  • - Incompatible avec l'option "déplacer le JavaScript à la fin"
  • - Incompatible avec le module de paiement Kwixo
  • - Pas de support pour les thèmes mobiles 1.5 avec un One Page Checkout
  • - L'onglet bpost non disponible dans le backoffice sur PrestaShop 1.5 pour les versions avant 1.5.4
  • - Latest 1.4 supported version is here