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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the module for all customers?

No, the module can only be used for customers who have a valid VAT number.

How to configure the cron tasks?

The module creates draft invoices each time a client sees the KoalaPay option. Configure the cron task to delete the drafts that have not been converted to final invoices + automatically update the invoices statuses from the last 2 months.

  • - You need to add a cron job on your server
  • - If you already had the “Cron tasks manager” installed, then you are already good to go!
  • - With this module, a job is automatically added when KoalaPay module is installed:

How to configure the logs?

Activate this option if you want the module to log events in the PrestaShop logs (Advanced Parameters > Logs). This is especially helpful at the beginning to help debug if needed.

How to select customer group?

You can select the client groups that will be allowed to use the module. This is useful if you have a mixed audience (B2C + B2B).

How to configure Invoice trigger?

Koala will send an invoice to your client that replaces any other invoice (the one from PrestaShop but also the one that you may generate with another software). This invoice should be sent when you ship the goods and you have multiple possibilities to do so:

  • - Send the invoice when a new order is created: YES / NO (you should only choose YES if you ship immediately)
  • - Order status selection : you can choose the order statuses that will trigger the emailing of the KoalaPay invoice (if the invoice has not already been sent). Alternatively, you can send the invoices manually in the KoalaPay

How to manage KoalaPay invoices?

You can find the list of all KoalaPay invoices in this menu: SELL >> Other Settings >> Koalapay

  • - In this section, you can download Koala invoices (PDF format), see information about the related order and display the invoice status
  • - You can also trigger two bulk actions:
  • - Update the selected invoice(s) status
  • - Send the Koala invoice by email to your client. In this case, the invoice will be sent even if the client already received it

Technical Information