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bpost PrestaShop Module



The module is installed but the carriers are not displayed

Some configuration is probably missing:

  • - Make sure the carrier is activated
  • - Make sure you have defined a weight/price range for the carrier
  • - Make sure you have defined a price for the relevant zones
  • - Make sure you have activated the carrier for the right user groups
  • - Make sure there is no shipping restriction by product
  • - If you have advanced stock option activated, you will need to configure the warehouse
  • - If you're shipping outside Belgium, make sure the country is activated in the Shipping Manager

I don't see the "bpost" entry in the "Order" menu

This is probably because:

  • - "Use PrestaShop to manage labels" is not activated
  • - You are not a superAdmin and you need your administrator to grant you a permission
  • - You use a 1.5 version of PrestaShop that is < 1.5.4

I can't access the pick-up point selection button

Review the following settings:

  • - "Advanced Parameters > Performance > Disable non PrestaShop modules" should be on NO (1.6)
  • - Try disabling javascript compression in "Advanced Parameters > Performance"
  • - Check if there is no javascript error during checkout

Bpost official support

If you need more details about the integration between the module and the Shipping Manager, have a look at:

Bpost Module


  • - Prestashop version 1.5
  • - Prestashop version 1.6
  • - Prestashop version 1.7
  • - PHP version at least 5.3

Known limitations

  • - Incompatible with "Move javascript to the end" option
  • - Incompatible with the Kwixo payment module
  • - No support for 1.5 mobile theme with OPC (One Page Checkout)
  • - bpost tab not available in the BO for 1.5 versions before 1.5.4
  • - Latest 1.4 supported version is here