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Creating a bilingual application for the nutritional monitoring of residents:

Ensure nutritional monitoring of residents in nursing homes

To screen for malnutrition/undernutrition

Recommend appropriate treatments

Ensure statistical monitoring of uses

Structuring constraints:

Available online

Adapting to a heterogeneous IT assets and uncertain connection quality

Be smart and easy to use to facilitate handling and encourage its use

Manage data securely and confidentially

Facilitate monitoring and updates

Provide a unique login for each nursing home

For each patient profile created, it is possible to:

Consult and modify existing data

Present the results of screenings already carried out

Show the evolution visually (with graphics)

View and modify recommendations

Achieved solutions

Bilingual application meeting all the requested objectives

Using the Symfony Framework for better stability and modularity and ease of maintenance.

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Scope of the mission

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- Maintenance

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