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Google Consent Mode V2

Since March 6, Google has required cookie consent banners to include its Consent Mode v2.

If you manage a website with a European audience and Google Ads advertising campaigns, it is important to track conversions to allocate your budget effectively.

Without implementing Consent Mode v2 before the deadline, advertisers will no longer be able to use all the features of Google Ads products, such as retargeting, personalized ads, and audience creation, which will affect advertising performance tracking.

Effective tracking implementation is complex, as it requires a deep understanding of technical and web marketing aspects.

Advanced mode implementation

To comply with this requirement, we recommend configuring Consent Mode V2 in advanced mode via Google Tag Manager. The advanced mode allows Google to collect anonymized data even in case of consent refusal, which can help model conversions and behaviors.

Banner compliant with Google Consent Mode v2 in advanced mode

either by implementing a banner without subscription in Google Tag Manager

or by configuring the compatible platform of your choice

Advanced configuration of your GTM tags

configuration of consent for tags other than those of Google

configuration of event triggers to activate tracking upon consent

Guarantee of results

Consent mode activated for conversions in Google Ads

Possible adjustments of Consent Mode if the service evolves in 2024



Setup Advanced Consent Mode v2

PROD site configuration

Config compliant banner



Setup Advanced Consent Mode v2

PROD + TEST site configuration

Config compliant banner

Configuration report

1-month support


1 375€

Setup Advanced Consent Mode v2

PROD + TEST site configuration

Config compliant banner

Configuration report

3-month support

Checkout & conversion specific checks

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What you need to provide

  • Access to your Google Analytics account
  • Access to your Google Tag Manager with publishing rights
  • Access to your certified consent platform, if applicable
  • A contact person to liaise with the various parties involved

Why Stigmi?

  • A global vision on tracking and best practices in this field
  • The technical resources to intervene at every link in the chain
  • The ability to make systems and people communicate
  • Day-to-day field experience to stay ahead of the game

The benefits

Optimize your Google Ads campaigns

Avoid restrictions on functionality and tracking

Trigger tracking as soon as possible

Don't lose tracking data before consent

Control implementation

Avoid trial and error and wasted time

Compliant beyond Google

we provide a global approach to consent

Possible adjustments Consent Mode

until the end of 2024 if Google changes its service

Completion within 2 weeks

for compliant integration of Google Consent Mode V2