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Stigmi's philosophy

Our mission

  • Solve companies that want to improve their online presence

  • Support companies wishing to sell online

  • Appropriate complex technical aspects on behalf of others

  • Structuring and consolidating the growth of an online business

  • Assume the role of technical partner in support of a project

Our vision

  • Consistency of all parties is the condition for long-term success

  • A project must be carried out in stages nimbly and reassessed regularly

  • We should not try to automate only proven problems, not potential ones

  • People are the key to a company that wishes to develop harmoniously

our vision

Our philosophy

“We are builders of solutions for whom the human dimension is an essential ingredient, at least as important as the technical dimension.”

A company's online presence is decisive for its development, especially when it comes to an e-commerce activity. Users + our customers, you and us, are looking for a smooth and as simple experience as possible. Aiming for simplicity is a challenge in a complex technical environment.

Our role is to take responsibility for complex technical aspects on behalf of others. With the conviction that IT must be placed at the service of humans. We build our sites with technologies that we master. In a constantly evolving environment, this means that we learn continuously, while aiming for best practices.

When taking over a project, our primary objective is to stabilize a site and bring it closer to best practices.

The technological and economic model of the web has become one of continuous updating. We are part of this trend by offering continuous updates of all our sites. Your investment is thus sustained over time, you capitalize on your developments.

Because we believe that the process of continuous improvement is the key to any success, we encourage our customers to take ownership of their site and to make it evolve in complete autonomy. The transmission of knowledge is an essential component of our partnership. Our clients are a source of inspiration and we seek to share our knowledge as much as to immerse ourselves in the universe of those for whom we work. Together we become better. Our teams and our selected partners are stable with the common point of seeking fulfillment over time.

“Integrity and loyalty are values on which we do not compromise.”

Step by step, we build the core of your technical ecosystem on the internet, laying solid foundations on which stakeholders can work effectively.

Because the success of our customers is the key to our own success, we are naturally involved from A to Z on all aspects of your project. Or rather our common project.